Why Custom Art?

Yes, you can fall in love:

If you want to immediately fall in love with an existing aesthetic of a painting, don’t fight that feeling. In love, there is a duo and the composition of your favorite artist is not necessarily exactly what you love in terms of size, color, or symbolism.

What you need: The choice of getting a true interaction with the artist you love and the time for choosing meaningful ideas/colors for yourself based on your artists’ compositions.

Take the time:

In the madness of fast consumption, we don’t take the time to settle our thinking, our inspiration, and our imagination. Imagining painting is a good time to ask yourself deep philosophical questions before starting.

Brands ask themselves existential questions and share their answers to sell you pre-made morals. It’s time to find and paint the answers you have found for yourself.

The Social Construct of The Creative Industry

What Artur is for?

Immortalize your memories.

Idols and heroes: We’re built from different hybridizations of mythological heroes.

Recompose your interior: In identifying our biggest influence, we can empower them by defining symbols and themes around them.

Transform your interior.

Atmosphere: Your home is where you find your inner peace, it has to bring the energy you need.

Colors: It is proven that colors are good for mental health. Choose the colors that fit with the atmosphere and the aesthetic you want.

Decide your future.

Deep Values are the anchors of our morals and define the wants we have toward ourselves and toward the definition of what humanity is for other citizens.

Affirm and transform the outside by the inside, the inside by the ouside.


10 Ways to Enrich Your Life with Artur.Art

Decoration goes beyond embellishing spaces; it can tell a personal story, evoke deep emotions, and enrich your daily life with singular beauty. With Artur.Art, you have the opportunity to create custom art in the form of paintings or murals that transcend aesthetics and become emotional and endearing testimonies. Here are 10 foolproof methods to craft decor that dazzles and brings a new sense of purpose to your interior through Artur.Art.


An Inner Journey

Choose a theme that echoes your values, passions, or personal memories. Each element added to your decor narrates a part of your story.

Colors of the Soul

Colors have the power to evoke deep emotions. Collaborate with a Artur.Art artist to choose a color palette that reflects your feelings and values.

Key Moments of Life

Capture significant moments from your life through personalized artworks. A mural or painting representing important milestones will remind you of your achievements.

Intimate Symbolism

Incorporate symbols and elements that hold special meaning for you. Each added symbol strengthens the connection between the decor and your story.

Eloquence of Words

Include quotes, poems, or meaningful phrases in the artwork. Words add a narrative dimension and emphasize your emotions.

With Artur.Art, decoration becomes a manifestation of your individuality and emotions

Each piece results from a collaboration between your vision and artistic talent, resulting in art decor that is more than just an aesthetic element. The Artur.Art app streamlines this creative process by connecting skilled artists with your inspiration, creating decor that both moves and enhances your living space. Choose personalized and heartwarming decoration with Artur.Art, transforming your space into a place that resonates with your history and emotions.

Imagery of Dreams

Integrate images that evoke your aspirations and dreams. Every glance at the decor will remind you of your goals and ambitions.

Fusion of Objects

Transform everyday objects into artistic pieces. A familiar object can become a moving and meaningful decor element.

Art of Metaphor

Utilize visual metaphors to convey complex ideas. An Artur.Art artist can transform abstract concepts into tangible custom art.

Emotional Progression”

Build an emotional progression throughout your decor. Each added piece enhances the overall visual and emotional experience with custom art.

Beauty of Gazes

Capture the essence of your loved ones through expressive portraits. Each captured gaze in the artwork evokes precious memories and emotions.