L’Original & Artur.Art: Creative Roots

A story of artistic engagement in 2018, as the winds of creativity and sustainability swept across Quebec’s artistic landscape. L’Original was born. Founded on the bold vision of transforming art into a platform for social reinvention. L’Original emerged by colleting abandoned treasures : clothes, fourniture, and paintings. Collecting campaigns laid the foundations for a story that would evolve over the years.

The story of our gallery begins with the opening of visual art studios. creating an environment conducive to creativity. A poetry club added an interpretative dimension to these artistic creations. With 15 pionneering artists and the support of 5 volunteers, L’Original takes flight. The opening of a gallery/studio on the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal and the artistic recycling of 300 objects reinforce our commitment to sustainability. Our new identity, loriginal.org consolidates our position.

L’Original extends its influence by opening a gallery/studio in Old Montreal, showcasing local contemporary art, particularly street art. A collaboration with Salvator Dali exhibition underscores our commitment to art in all its forms. Eight public openings allow our artists to shine, and more than 50 works are sold. The media, including La Presse and Radio Canada, take notice of our impact. 

Montréal Artists

Unveiling the vibrance of Montréal Artists and Québec Art on Artur.art

Vancouver Artists

Exploring the Vibrance World of Art in Vancouver and the BC with Artur.art

Toronto Artists 

Unveiling the art of Toronto and Beyond with Artur.art

The artistic diversification continued with the development of a strategy for exporting murals to North America and Europe. Our participation in events such as “Vue d’Afrique” and the 10th edition of the MURAL festival emphasized our active presence. Our partnership with the Dali Grand Quai Museum highlighted the street artist Monk.e. The etablishment of a second gallery, along with artist workshops, expanded our creative space at 4455 Saint Denis.

To date, over 1,000 works have been sold in three different galleries. L’Original can only showcase a small percentage of the artists seeking representation, and not all works can be unveiled. Artur.art provides our artists with a broader exhibition platform so that you can discover a style that speaks to your soul.

L’Original didn’t stop at artistic creation

Revolutionize The Market 

If you’d like to know why we believe that Custom Art is the only moral salute to art, and how it helps restore meaning to the artist’s craft and people’s creative souls, go to the “Why Custom Art”.

Artistic Approach

A Comprehensive Creative Process

As professional painters, artists and muralists, our artistic approach integrate various essential elements. We take into consideration the project’s initial goal, its harmony with the existing context and the client’s expectation.

The concepts of a sense of belonging, expression of identity, reminiscence, enhancement, memory, smiles…represent numerous idea that define and imbue a profound meaning into our work.

It is here that projects comet life !

Artur.Art was born of this ongoing evolution 

A platform enabling Quebec artists to create custom artworks and murals. Artur.art is the result of L’Original’s deep commitment and constant innovation. The technical side of the platform was led by Bruno Clappe and Jérôme Clappe, and developed by the entire team below. 

Visit our page to see more information: Custom Paintings – Discover Unique and Personalized Custom Art – (artur.art)