The genesis of L’Original and the essence of Artur.Art

A story of artistic engagement In 2018, as the winds of creativity and sustainability swept across Quebec’s artistic landscape, L’Original was born. Founded on the bold vision of transforming art into a platform for social reinvention, L’Original emerged by collecting abandoned treasures: clothes, furniture, and paintings. Collecting campaigns laid the foundations for a story that would evolve over the years.

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The first steps were marked by the opening of weekly visual art and upcycling workshops, where creativity flourished and works of art took shape. A poetry club added an interpretative dimension to these artistic creations, creating a multi-faceted space for expression. With 15 pioneering artists and 5 dedicated volunteers, L’Original took off.

Dorian Verdier, a B.A.A. student in Economics and Marketing and a HEC Montréal student in Innovation Management, led the initiative as a volunteer. Jason Prince of PME Montréal and Robert Dutton, Director of the Entrepreneurial Pole at HEC Montréal, provided invaluable advice.

2019 marked an important milestone with the legal establishment of L’Original as a non-profit organization. The number of artists increased to 25 and the number of volunteers to 10, reflecting the continued growth of our creative community. We launched a multilingual website to showcase our artists across borders, paving the way for an global reach.

2020 was one of consecration for L’Original. The opening of a self-managed gallery / studio on Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal provided a tangible space for creation and art shows. An artistic recycling of 300 objects embodied our commitment to sustainability and reinvention. Our new brand name,, seals our innovative identity.

L’Original didn’t stop at artistic creation.

We organized an ethical fashion show featuring recycled and hand-painted clothing, sparking important conversations about anorexia and bulimia. Our incubation within HEC Montréal’s entrepreneurial base strengthened our entrepreneurial foundations.

Artur custom wall art with your idea mal a customized mural in Vancouver toronto or Montreal

revolutionize the market

Artur.Art was born of this ongoing evolution.

A platform enabling Quebec artists to create custom artworks and murals, Artur.Art is the result of L’Original’s deep commitment and constant innovation. The technical side of the platform was led by Bruno Clappe and Jérôme Clappe, and developed by the entire team below.

Artur custom wall art with your idea mal a customized mural in Vancouver toronto or Montreal

The history of L’Original is tangible proof of our commitment to art, sustainability, creativity and social impact. Through Artur.Art, we’ve paved the way for artists to continue to express themselves, connect and be inspired. Our aim was to democratize access to art.

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