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One Painting, Many Dreams.

Custom paintings and murals.

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Color in the Core.


A place (living room, bedroom..) for a personal inspiration/vibe you want to keep for life.


With the painters you like the most to make them understand your tastes and ideas.


Symbols, colors, sizes based on your favorite artist porfolio.

Custom Painting and Wall Art.

Get custom artwork. The artist will come to your house to paint an entire wall. 

Get inspired with the colors, aesthetic and dimension of your choice.

Large-scale projects, performance inquiries, space activation, events – reach out to us for further details.

Step 1

Swipe artworks and click on the heart when you have a crush.

Step 2

Discover your top artists section, dive into personal inspirations to create a custom art piece.

Step 3

Select the size to get a free sketch with an estimate of your project. 

Unique process in the art market

+ 60 Canadian artists

Find your favorite artist in 3 minutes!

Help choose your move. Adopt the style you like: Art has been held hostage like a war chest, its codes of understanding privatized by the financial elites. It’s time to democratize the great artistic movements and choose yours.

Embrace your culture: Ever considered building your brand? A brand is a symbol, tied to positive or negative qualities. It influences and is influenced by culture. When contemplating design, the brand naturally comes to mind. Choosing a creation is essential to making it your own.

Is custom artwork more expensive than an original?

Misconception: Your orders guarantee the sale of the produced canvas, preventing any additional charges beyond their standard production costs.

Are the paintings unique and authenticated?

Canvases are unique and authenticated by the artist and by Artur, which acts as a trusted third party. The artist cannot produce the same design twice.

Special projects? (XXL, 3D objects, festivals...)

Do you want to paint a shoe, a jacket, a chair, a table, a banana?

Artur works with L’Original art galleries, which are accustomed to carrying out unusual projects. Contact us by email at or by phone at 514.999.9611.

You will have an answer with an estimate within 24 hours.

Can I give the artist total creative freedom ?

Yes, if you like what they do and want something original, artists are usually happy to let their creativity run wild.

How long does it take ?

Orders take between 10 and 14 days on average, including design and delivery.

How should we proceed?


  • Choose preferred styles using the application, followed by a written explanation of your request to the artist.
  • Detailed quote for design, execution, materials, and delivery.
  • Creation of sketches.
  • Client approval of the mockup.
  • Project execution on-site or on canvas, followed by delivery.

Book a meeting with your artist

Build your project

Select the size to get an estimate of the price.

An expert from TindArt team helps you build your project.

Then we organize a meeting with the artist. Describe your project and let’s get started!

How long does it take to make a custom ?

Orders take between 10 and 14 days on average, including design and delivery.

How much does it cost ?

Hard to say because dimension and artist price varies. The price per inch square is displayed in the artist profile.

But our standart price is 1,25$ CAD per square inch. 

Is a custom artwork more expensive than an original?

It’s a false belief. In fact, your orders ensure that they will sell the canvas they produce. So they don’t charge more than their usual production.

Are the paintings unique and authenticated?

Canvases are unique and authenticated by the artist and by TindArt, which acts as a trusted third party. The artist cannot produce the same design twice.

Can I give the artist total creative freedom ?

Yes, if you like what they do and want something original, artists are usually happy to let their creativity run wild.

What about special projects? (XXL, 3D objects, festivals...)

TindArt works with the L’Original art galleries, which are used to carrying out unusual projects. For your projects, contact us by e-mail or by phone at 514.999.9611.

Your project. Your artwork

Chat with the artist at your convenience, receive a customizable sketch, and make as many modifications as necessary until satisfied. 

Obtain your personalized work less than a month after project initiation.

The Artur.Art Case

Welcome to Artur’s Gallery: A Fusion of Luxury, Art and Personalized Creativity

An Exquisite Journey to the Heart of Personalized Art

Greetings from Artur.Art! As director of this innovative platform, I invite you on an artistic journey that transcends boundaries, celebrates local talent and grants you the privilege of co-creating sublime works of art embodying your unique identity. Artur.Art is not just an online platform, it’s an experience, a symphony of art, refinement and self-expression that sets out to transform spaces and ignite souls. You can meet the artists face-to-face at our L’Original partner galleries at 4455 Saint-Denis and 163 Saint-Paul St. West in Montreal.

 The Essence of Artur.Art: Personalized Art at its Best

Artur.Art is not just a platform, it’s a portal to the realization of your artistic dreams. Our vocation is to merge art with reality, to create masterpieces that transcend conventional boundaries, and to give life to spaces imbued with individuality. Whether you’re a company looking to imbue your premises with prestige, or a private individual wishing to embellish your personal space, Artur.Art is the ideal partner for exceptional artistic collaboration. The choice of artist can be a good reason to offer an original gift to your loved one. From the feedback we’ve had, the bespoke paintings make for tear-jerking gifts.

Discover Artur.Art: Your Access to the Treasures of Local Talent

We pride ourselves on our meticulous selection of outstanding Quebec artists. At Artur.Art, we value local creative genius and connect you to artists whose talent is ready to translate your visions into tangible reality. From traditional to contemporary art, abstract to figurative, our meticulously composed portfolio guarantees a diversity of styles, so you can find the artist who will interpret your preferences accurately.

Customization Beyond the Imaginable

Creating a customized artwork of art is at the heart of Artur.Art’s soul. Our platform facilitates direct collaboration with artists, creating a unique co-creative experience. With Artur.Art, customization isn’t just a feature, it’s an immersive experience. Imagine collaborating with a skilled artist, bringing to life a work of art that captures your vision, emotions and aspirations. Each brushstroke is a fragment of your essence. Works of art provide a tax advantage over Canadian art (see Part 9), making them an excellent choice for decorating your office or designing a creative workshop.

A Masterpiece for Every Space

Whatever the size of your canvas, whether for a professional or personal space, Artur.Art has the solution. Our artists excel at creating bespoke works that merge with the ambience of the space. From striking canvases that adorn walls to frescoes that redefine entire rooms, Artur.Art‘s offerings are as diverse as your artistic desires.

The Artur.Art advantage for companies

For companies, Artur.Art goes beyond aesthetics to become an extension of corporate culture and philosophy. Imagine a workplace adorned with personalized works of art that instill innovation, creativity and pride among your team. With Artur.Art, your professional space is transformed into a canvas that conveys the essence of your brand, setting you apart in a world of corporate aesthetics.

A Present of Excellence

Celebrations take on a new dimension with thoughtful gifts. Artur.Art’s personalized works of art revolutionize the concept of gift-giving, offering a touch of refinement and sentiment that deeply touches the recipient. Imagine giving a loved one a work of art that symbolizes shared memories, emotions and important milestones – a gift that transcends the ordinary and expresses your deep consideration.

Navigate the Artur.Art Experience

Exploration: Immerse yourself in our portfolio of local artists, each with their own unique style waiting to be discovered.

Collaboration: Interact directly with the artists to discuss your vision, ideas and preferences. Your voice guides the creative process.
Creation: See your vision take shape before your eyes as skilled hands translate it into a captivating work of art.
Transformation: Watch in fascination as your space metamorphoses into a showcase of refinement and creativity