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Artur.Art Tutorial

The Art Of Simplifying Things

Step 1

Swipe artworks and click on the heart when you have a crush.

Step 2

Discover your top artists section, dive into personal inspirations to create a custom art piece.

Step 3

Select the size to get a free sketch with an estimate of your project. 

Why Custom Art?

Discover how Artur.Art can transform your home decor into unique and moving works of art.

interior mural for decorating your home or office

Custom Art Ideas

Collaborate with your favorite artists and discover tips for choosing unique works that enrich your space.

Is custom artwork more expensive than an original?

Misconception: Your orders guarantee the sale of the produced canvas, preventing any additional charges beyond their standard production costs.

Are the paintings unique and authenticated?

Canvases are unique and authenticated by the artist and by Artur, which acts as a trusted third party. The artist cannot produce the same design twice.

Special projects? (XXL, 3D objects, festivals...)

Do you want to paint a shoe, a jacket, a chair, a table, a banana?

Artur works with L’Original art galleries, which are accustomed to carrying out unusual projects. Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 514.999.9611.

You will have an answer with an estimate within 24 hours.

Can I give the artist total creative freedom ?

Yes, if you like what they do and want something original, artists are usually happy to let their creativity run wild.

How long does it take ?

Orders take between 10 and 14 days on average, including design and delivery.

How should we proceed?


  • Choose preferred styles using the artur.art application, followed by a written explanation of your request to the artist.
  • Detailed quote for design, execution, materials, and delivery.
  • Creation of sketches.
  • Client approval of the mockup.
  • Project execution on-site or on canvas, followed by delivery.