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Investing in Art Through Montreal Living Artists' Canvases

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A Lucrative and Prestigious Commitment for Canadian Businesses

Investing in art, particularly canvases by living Montreal artists, offers a unique opportunity for Canadian businesses looking to enhance their brand image and benefit from significant tax advantages. At L’Original, we facilitate the acquisition of contemporary art by offering a diverse selection of emerging and recognized artists suitable for all budgets.

Tax Advantages

Canadian businesses benefit from substantial tax deductions when purchasing works from living Canadian artists. These purchases are considered eligible business expenses, allowing the cost of the artwork to be deducted over several years, thus providing an interesting fiscal optimization​

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Comprehensive services for art

Comprehensive Services

Artur is committed not only to providing exceptional artworks but also to offering complete services including tax receipts, artwork installation, and personalized consultations to help you build a coherent and impressive art collection.

Impact on the Workplace and Brand

Contemporary art, especially street art, has a profound impact on the work environment and a company’s brand image. Artworks in workspaces improve employee well-being, enhance their sense of belonging, and increase productivity. Moreover, a well-curated art collection can enhance the prestige of a company’s premises, thus improving the image perceived by clients and partners​

Montreal based artist from Québec making a mural for a client of TindArt 3
Wall art for commercial space in Montréal made by local artists

L'Original: A Leader in Contemporary Art

Recognized as the highest-rated gallery in North America on Google and TripAdvisor, L’Original provides an unmatched platform for artists. We are committed to promoting our artists over the long term, ensuring continuous appreciation of their works, which translates into excellent investment returns for collectors and investing businesses​ Street art is increasingly becoming a more valuable investment compared to other art forms, mainly due to its accessibility and immersive nature. Integrated into public spaces, it reaches a wide and diverse audience, thereby enhancing its cultural and social impact. Moreover, the ephemeral nature of street art adds to its value, as artworks can disappear at any moment, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity among collectors. Iconic figures in street art, such as Banksy, have already shown that this genre can achieve great heights in terms of recognition and market value, thus propelling interest in other artists in the field.